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Fuel Tanker

Let us use our expertise to protect your company, drivers and vehicles.

There is arguably no sector of transport where safety is more important than in fuel haulage, which is why our systems are perfect for vehicles involved in the transportation of fuel and other dangerous or volatile chemicals.  Anyone who operates in this industry will know just how vital it is that safety regulations, such as SLPS, are adhered to and any equipment added to these vehicles must also meet these same high standards.

Thanks to our unique X-Wire technology, our systems can be safely installed to fuel tankers without the risk of any additional cabling or wiring impacting upon the safety and integrity of the rest of the vehicle.  This is because X-Wire allows a camera and/or sensors installed at the rear of a vehicle to communicate with a monitor and/or display in the cab by sending a coded encapsulated signal down the vehicles existing wiring.  As the systems are therefore only using wiring that has already been through vigorous safety tests and checks, and as the signal itself is encapsulated, there is no risk to the overall safety of the vehicle, which is why all of our truck safety systems have been approved by SLPS.  

Fleets from across the country invest a lot of money on safety systems and all of these have one common flaw – if the driver forgets to connect the Suzie cable or if that Suzie cable breaks, the system is rendered useless.

Our SCC safety systems utilise the latest X-Wire technology that has been developed in-house by our technicians and mean there is no need for any additional Suzie cables. Your systems will work exactly how they should, 100% of the time.

If you’d like to configure your own custom safety pack or speak to one of our specialists for some additional information on how our systems can eliminate driver error in your fleet, please:

Products Suitable For Fuel Tankers

8 Channel DVR

Our 8 channel DVR with a 1TB HDD and GPS built in as standard.

7" Full HD Monitor

Our premium monitor is designed for full HD images on all DVR & camera-only installs.

Side Camera Sleeves

Tough and durable sleeves to protect your side cameras from everyday wear and tear.

Rear Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors to protect the rear of your vehicles.

Satellite Navigation System with Customisable X-Nav Casing

Tamper proof casing allows for hard-wired navigation systems to be fixed in place.

Front Corner Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors to protect the front corners of your vehicle.

Body Builder Module Relay

Custom relay for eliminating latent voltage on vehicle wiring looms.

Camera Priority Switch

Automatically switch between active cameras when using multiple trailer setups.

8 Channel 4G DVR

Our 8 channel 4G DVR allows live access to recorded footage remotely from either a phone, or computer.

7" HD TFT Monitor

Our standard monitor is suitable for all DVR & camera-only systems.

Video Loss Indicator

Let’s drivers know that their equipment is still working correctly.

Left/Right Turn Alarm

Audible left and/or right turn warning alarm to protect cyclists, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users.

GPS Speed Control Module

This module uses GPS technology to activate/deactivate safety systems at user set speeds to maximise driver safety.

Vehicle Warning Signage

Vehicle warning signage to comply with FORS, CLOCS & DVS legislation.

Side Camera

Aerodynamic camera designed to fit to both the nearside and offside of your vehicle.

Rear Camera

Heated rear camera for fitment to the rear of any commercial vehicle.

Dash Camera

Small camera designed for internal fitment.

Swing Out Proximity Sensors

Sensors to protect the rear of trailers from tail swing related accidents.

Handbrake Warning Alarm

Our Handbrake Warning Alarm is designed to alert drivers


Revolutionary new vehicle technology that means no extra Suzies or other cabling and allows camera and sensor systems to operate

Side Proximity Sensors

Sensors to protect the side of any rigid or articulated vehicle.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We have had SCC systems installed on our vehicles for just over 2 years. During this time, incidents (both minor and major) have noticeably decreased. The initial outlay for the equipment has been saved many times over and continues to do so.

The reduction of insurance claims for major incidents has also reflected very favourably on our premiums.

Andrew Tate

Tate Oil

Any dealership will be able to tell you about the problems that can accompany installing aftermarket products in house, be it the difficulty of the installation itself, or the risk of it coming back to us should anything go wrong.  So much so, in fact, that we often prefer to send this kind of work out as it just isn’t worth the hassle, even though it means we lose out on a valuable extra source of income. 

Having spent some time working with SCC, they helped us realise this doesn’t have to be the case.

Indeed, the work should be done in house, provided you have the right product, training and support, and SCC gives us all of these things.  Their products are some of the easiest to install we have come across and the extra income is, of course, a huge bonus for us, but what’s more, the peace of mind knowing that SCC are on hand should anything go wrong on the road means we can sell to our customers with confidence.

Craig Gornall

North West Trucks

We contracted SCC to install our fleet with equipment required to progress to FORS Silver Standard. This included front and rear blind spot sensor systems, audible left-turn alarm and a fresnel lens. The total cost installed was £785 per vehicle. Since having the systems fitted we have noticed a significant reduction in minor impact damage which has resulted in an annual cost saving across the fleet of £1832 per vehicle.

John Watkin

Fleet Engineer

If anything goes wrong on one of our vehicles, not only is it a problem for our customers, but the pressure and stress mean it can be a huge headache for us. Even before we started trading with them, we were very impressed by the level of support offered by SCC as this is something we just don’t see in our industry.

Most importantly, the support actually provided goes above and beyond what we had expected. No request has been too great and it is exactly this level of support that we need to help keep our profits up, workshops busy, and our customers happy. Our relationship with SCC isn’t just that of customer and supplier, it’s very much a partnership, with their ultimate goal being to do everything they can to help make us as much money as possible. Why wouldn’t you want to do business with them?

Jim McNeil


We have had SCC 4 camera recording systems installed on our vehicles along with front corner blind sport proximity sensor systems. This was done to be compliant in London and the surrounding areas. However, when we analysed the running costs of the vehicles installed with the safety equipment against the ones that don’t have the systems installed, we have shown a cost saving of 47% (£2,203) per truck on minor impact damage. This shows that having the systems fitted is actually saving the company money.

Craig Fisher

European Metal Recyclers