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Our Products

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We’re about our people and providing a technologically advanced service that is second to none.

SCC Worldwide’s safety systems have been designed to be easy to install and operate, whilst providing reliable safety features that you can count on, eliminating any need for driver input. Our products feature cutting-edge electronic engineering and patented X-Wire technology that is completely unique and has been developed by our in-house R&D teams.

All SCC products come with a two-year parts warranty as standard and are compliant with FORS, CLOCS, DVS and many other vehicle safety standards. We also offer a full after-sales service that ensures our products are operating as they should and delivers industry-leading first-class support to our customers every time. 

Make your fleet safer and more effective with SCC.

Our Products

7" HD TFT Monitor

Our standard monitor is suitable for all DVR & camera-only systems.

Side Proximity Sensors

Sensors to protect the side of any rigid or articulated vehicle.

Swing Out Proximity Sensors

Sensors to protect the rear of trailers from tail swing related accidents.

GPS Speed Control Module

This module uses GPS technology to activate/deactivate safety systems at user set speeds to maximise driver safety.

Vehicle Warning Signage

Vehicle warning signage to comply with FORS, CLOCS & DVS legislation.

Rear Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors to protect the rear of your vehicles.

Video Loss Indicator

Let’s drivers know that their equipment is still working correctly.

Front Corner Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors to protect the front corners of your vehicle.

Camera Priority Switch

Automatically switch between active cameras when using multiple trailer setups.

Rear Camera

Heated rear camera for fitment to the rear of any commercial vehicle.

8 Channel DVR

Our 8 channel DVR with a 1TB HDD and GPS built in as standard.

Satellite Navigation System with Customisable X-Nav Casing

Tamper proof casing allows for hard-wired navigation systems to be fixed in place.

Handbrake Warning Alarm

Our Handbrake Warning Alarm is designed to alert drivers

8 Channel 4G DVR

Our 8 channel 4G DVR allows live access to recorded footage remotely from either a phone, or computer.

Side Camera Sleeves

Tough and durable sleeves to protect your side cameras from everyday wear and tear.

Dash Camera

Small camera designed for internal fitment.

7" Full HD Monitor

Our premium monitor is designed for full HD images on all DVR & camera-only installs.

Side Camera

Aerodynamic camera designed to fit to both the nearside and offside of your vehicle.

Body Builder Module Relay

Custom relay for eliminating latent voltage on vehicle wiring looms.

Left/Right Turn Alarm

Audible left and/or right turn warning alarm to protect cyclists, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users.


Revolutionary new vehicle technology that means no extra Suzies or other cabling and allows camera and sensor systems to operate