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Does your fleet include any of these vehicles? Do you own any of these vehicles?

From vans, coaches, and road sweepers to fuel tankers and refrigerated trailers, we provide the best safety products to protect your fleet and your drivers. Select your vehicle below to find out more about how our products will benefit you.

The selection of vehicles below is by no means exhaustive, so if your vehicle is not listed then this does not mean our systems will not work with it. Please get in touch using the contact tab at the top of this page and a member of our knowledgeable team will be only too happy to assist you.

Truck and Drawbar

Truck and drawbars have blind spots and safety issues, especially around road users and pedestrians.

Rigid Vehicles

Rigid vehicles have blind spots and safety issues, especially around road users and pedestrians.


Vans are commonly seen with various types of damage usually due to the poor visibility.

Road Sweeper

Road sweepers are driven at slow speeds and commonly overtaken by other road users.

Refrigerated Trailer

When it comes to chilled distribution, we understand time is of the essence.

Waste Vehicle

Waste vehicles interact with foot traffic, meaning it’s important to cover all blind spots.

Articulated Vehicles

These have a great number of blind spots that constantly change due to their various manoeuvres.


Turning in tight spaces creates a hazard for coaches due to their overhang and near side blindspot.

Suction Excavator

These heavy trucks are frequently moving and working in areas with high foot traffic.

Fuel Tanker

There is arguably no sector of transport where safety is more important than in fuel haulage.


When turning in tight spaces, the overhang and blindspot on the near side create a hazard for buses.


Our camera systems are designed to be used on all sizes of commercial vehicles, including LCVs.

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