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SCC’s Revolutionary New & Unique X-Wire Technology

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Technology in Our Industry

There is no point in inventing a product or technology unless it solves a problem that really needs to be solved.  In an industry that is becoming increasingly technology focussed this has never been more true and in a market that is becoming more and more saturated with safety products, it’s very important that suppliers provide their customers with innovative and state-of-the-art solutions that help to make their lives that bit easier.

This is why, when developing our unique X-Wire technology, our in-house R&D engineers and technicians set out to solve not one but several problems that have been holding the truck fleet industry back, in terms of safety.  Just some of these problems and objectives were:

  1. The rear & sides of rigids & trailers being largely unprotected is a major source of accidents and danger. Adding cameras/sensors to the rear of all trucks & trailers should be as easy as adding them to a car.
  2. Aftermarket Suzie Cables are a major cause for concern. Eliminating the need for additional suzie cables and so driver input, whilst maintaining reliability, was a top priority.
  3. Removing the risk of human error in safety. To make systems activate automatically with no driver input required is an obvious requirement and one less demand on drivers.
  4. Having to make connections or pair safety systems is an obvious weak spot. To make any tractor unit automatically compatible with any trailer across a whole fleet would save operators a lot of time and hassle.

The Problem with The Rear

Operating a vehicle the size of a truck can already be tricky enough, especially in built-up, urban environments, so any systems or devices that can help with this must surely be most welcome.  Indeed, the last few years have seen a marked rise in the uptake of blind spot protection systems and other similar safety-related products and whilst this is very positive, even in the most capable hands, accidents can still happen, and even the best drivers in the world can’t see everywhere all at once.

The variety of safety systems currently available to drivers and operators already do a pretty good job of protecting the front of a vehicle, but the same can’t be said of the rear of vehicles, especially where trailers are concerned.  

The costly and time-consuming process of running cables from the rear of a trailer up to the cab, extra Suzie Cables that need connecting up every time a new trailer is attached, and pairing issues with Wi-Fi systems all combine to make protecting trailers a very expensive and impractical option, which is why the majority of trailers have little to no protection on them at all.  Even the FORS standard only calls for a rear camera on vehicles over 7.5 tonnes.  

This has never sat right with us at SCC, as no one would deny that the trailer is the most dangerous part of the truck; without vision aids, an artic can only ever reverse around a corner totally blind. Our mission has always been to bring practical and cost-effective safety to the industry and this is exactly what we have done with X-Wire.

What Keeps Us at the Forefront

Safety has always been of paramount concern to us here at SCC, which is why we have spent the last two decades developing and fine-tuning our systems and technologies, in order that we can provide our customers with some of the most innovative and state of the art products on the market.  In the automotive industry, we are proud to be the system of choice for both Ford and Vauxhall in the UK and throughout Europe, and we are also currently Europe’s leading supplier of aftermarket proximity sensor systems.

Our in-house Research & Development facilities allow us to further develop our existing products, as well as generate brand new products utilising IT to its full potential, creating truly unique and personalised products that meet 100% of our customers’ requirements rather than simply providing off the shelf solutions.

Using innovation and state-of-the-art technology, our R&D Division has well and truly brought truck safety into the 21st century, most notably through the development of our unique X-Wire technology.


Thanks to our unique and ground-breaking X-Wire Technology, a camera and/or sensors can be installed at the rear of a trailer and will communicate with a monitor and/or display in the cab by sending a coded signal through the vehicle’s existing wiring.  No additional Suzie Cable or any other type of connection or wiring is required between tractor and trailer and, as the signal is not transmitted by wi-fi, Bluetooth or any other “through the air” method, there is no risk of any outside interference.

The X-Wire unit knows when the trailer is attached and automatically allows the camera and/or sensors to communicate with the in-cab monitor or display, instantly offering full rear blind spot protection, without any driver input.  This means that any tractor unit can connect up to any trailer in a fleet (provided it is fitted with X-Wire) and the systems will automatically work, all the driver needs to do is hitch up their trailer like normal.  Even outside contractors and hire vehicles can connect to the systems by using an in-cab plug-in monitor or display module.

Using X-Wire, a technician can therefore install a rear camera in as a little as a quarter of the time it would take to fit a conventional camera system, as there is no need to run cables from the rear to the front of the vehicle and no need to install an additional Suzie.

This is something no other company can offer and will result in huge savings for fleets over a relatively small period, be it from reduced fitting time, less time spent off the road, or simply from avoiding accidents that are all too frequent for vehicles of the size operated by most fleets.  It will also allow vehicles to meet any safety requirements for site access much more cost effectively than has previously been the case.


Universally Compatible

Most importantly, X-Wire technology is compatible with any camera and sensor systems currently available on the market, not just ours.  This game-changing technology can therefore be widely used throughout the industry and we truly believe it will revolutionise commercial vehicle safety, whilst making drivers’ and operators’ lives easier in the process.

Looking to the Future

Whilst it is our firm belief that X-Wire will make a significant contribution to the automotive industry, making vehicles safer both for drivers and other more vulnerable road users, we by no means intend to rest on our laurels.  A number of other new unique products are also already in development and, alongside the frantic pace of IT applications being added to modern vehicles, these new innovations mean that the next few years should be very exciting ones for us as we continue to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the automotive and commercial vehicle industries.

Our ultimate aim is to bring safety to as many people as possible, in the shortest possible time and in the most cost effective manner.  To facilitate this, we are always willing to discuss collaborations and partnerships with any parties who can help to fulfil this objective.