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Driving Safety Through Innovation

Improve Fleet Safety and Save Money

Using patented X-Wire technology, SCC Worldwide has developed the most advanced commercial vehicle safety systems on the market that completely eliminate the need for driver input in vehicle safety. By removing the need for driver input, SCC has made both camera and sensor systems safer and more effective. This means fewer accidents, less time off the road, and a major reduction in costs for your business.

SCC’s Revolutionary New & Unique X-Wire Technology

Watch this video for more information about how X-Wire works and how it can protect your business, your fleet and your drivers

X-Wire Technology has arrived and Suzie Cables are a thing of the past

SCC’s patented X-Wire technology has finally arrived and is now available for all fleets. X-Wire technology completely eliminates the need for suzie cables on tractor-trailer installations and the need for driver input, saving you time and money whilst also making your drivers’ jobs easier and keeping them safe.

To learn more about how exactly X-Wire achieves this, click below.

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In our experience, people searching for safety systems want to search for them through one, or more, of four main categories: specific safety products, products for specific vehicles, products for specific industries, or packages to comply with specific legislation. To make your life easier, please select from one of the four options below to begin your journey:

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Learn about our unique products

8 Channel 4G DVR

Our 8 channel 4G DVR allows live access to recorded footage remotely from either a phone, or computer.

Side Camera

Aerodynamic camera designed to fit to both the nearside and offside of your vehicle.

Dash Camera

Small camera designed for internal fitment.

7" Full HD Monitor

Our premium monitor is designed for full HD images on all DVR & camera-only installs.

Side Camera Sleeves

Tough and durable sleeves to protect your side cameras from everyday wear and tear.

Swing Out Proximity Sensors

Sensors to protect the rear of trailers from tail swing related accidents.

Front Corner Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors to protect the front corners of your vehicle.

Satellite Navigation System with Customisable X-Nav Casing

Tamper proof casing allows for hard-wired navigation systems to be fixed in place.

Camera Priority Switch

Automatically switch between active cameras when using multiple trailer setups.

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Standards

Safe Loading Pass Scheme (SLPS)

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