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Our Industries

Does your fleet operate in any of these industries? Do you work in any of these industries?

Freight and Logistics

Vehicles in this industry have many blind spots and can cause heavy damage in accidents.

Refuse and Waste

Vehicles in this industry have significant blind spots and constant foot traffic, posing more risk.

Emergency Services

For emergency service vehicles, eliminating blind spots can avoid further accidents.

Passenger Transport

We offer solutions that cover blind spots to protect passengers and other road users.

Road Construction

Work conditions and nearby traffic makes road construction a danger to commercial vehicles.


Increased visibility for commercial vehicles in ports reduces the number of accidents.

Agriculture and Farming

Our technology helps industry vehicles overcome their unique challenges and reduce accidents.


Covering significant distances every day, distribution vehicles risk damage or accidents.

Site Construction

Without blindspot protection, sites present plenty of hazards for commercial vehicles.

Quarries and Mines

Our technology can reduce the accident rates of commercial vehicles in quarries and mines.


Eliminating blind spots for military vehicles reduces the risk of serious accident.

Can’t find your industry on our list?

Not a problem, our technology is universally beneficial across all industries